Bellini Mansarda

The Structure

Bellini Mansarda is born from the revisitation, in retro style, of an antique attic structure, in the heart of the town centre, inside an important 17th Century period building, in Via Costantinopoli. The building’s main facade is on Piazza Bellini, one of the major intellectual meeting places of the city, surrounded by museums, Art University and monumental buildings of XVI and XVII century, that at night fills with young people looking for a good time. Our B&B Bellini is also right in Piazza Bellini.

Mansarda Bellini attic is on the penthouse floor and it stands out for its evocative terrace with a super panoramic view of the whole city. Once up there, you are completely surrounded by roofs and cupolas of the city center, from where you will be able to admire our imposing Vesuvio, the sea, the Island of Capri, Vomero hill with Castel Sant’Elmo and Certosa di San Martino.

You can easily reach the Mansarda thanks to a lift up to the 4th floor and after a few steps you will be immersed in a certainly out of the ordinary atmosphere.

Bellini Mansarda offers its guests a common space for a reading break or a brief stop on their way back from their day, whilst the terrace offers unexplored scenarios of a city rich in mystery and great passion.

The decor is deliberately characterized by restored elements, readapted and revisited for their new use, mixed with other typically Neapolitan pieces, and notes of color from the hand painted colorful doors and the frescoes left behind by passing artists.

The Accommodations

Bellini Mansarda offers 4 accommodations: two mini apartments and two double bedrooms, both full of character in their style and taste.

Each accommodation gets its name from the color of its front door:

Every door has been hand painted by a famous Neapolitan artist.

The rooms and apartments are equipped with every comfort:

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Bed and bath linens (changed every two days)
  • Courtesy kit for the bath, with soap shampoo/shower gel and toothpaste
  • Set of terrycloth robes and slippers
  • Electric kettle and a wide variety of teas
  • Free WI-FI

Breakfast is not provided but every apartment is equipped with all the necessary tools to allow our guests to prepare it themselves. Furthermore, for those who prefer it, breakfast can be ordered from the bar and it can be consumed on the relaxing terrace or in one’s own room.

On the attic side of the ceiling, all rooms have wide windows (with automatic darkening shades) that allow our guests to enjoy the extraordinary view of the stars from their own beds.

How are the areas laid out?

The accommodations of Bellini Mansarda attic open up on the common room and corridor.

The map clearly shows the location of all the rooms and the immediate closeness of each room to its bathroom.

Furthermore, in the photos you can easily spot each room thanks to the colored doors that characterize the name.